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Dairy Industry

BPO has a long history in the Dairy industry. BPO is unique in that we have expert knowledge of processes within dairy processing and downstream in wastewater treatment

BPO offers a wide range of services for Dairy clients.

  • Factory modelling
  • Loss monitoring
  • Treatment assessment.
  • Organic and hydraulic sizing of wastewater treatment. 
  • Aeration design and optimisation. 
  • Hydraulic and mixing assessment. 
  • Biowin modelling.
  • Tracer tests. 
  • Process optimisation. 
  • Sludge mapping. 
  • Odour assessment.
  • Sampling programmes. 
  • Operator training.
  • Technical Service Agreement. 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary & Concept Design
  • Detailed design for full scale WWTP
  • Commissioning services for WWT

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