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BPO has practical solutions for water measurement and monitoring waste streams.  We offer a range of technologies and can customize equipment to suit our customers needs. 


Trade waste monitoring  |   Consent applications   |   Flow measurement & Management   |   Cleaner Production   |   Data Logging   |   Pond leak testing

Trade Waste Monitoring

Our capabilities include...

  • Trade waste consent application
  • Initial wastewater sampling surveys to provide the data for your consent application
  • Consulting on your pre-treatment options,
  • pH adjustment, water use reduction, consent renegotiating
  • Resource consent applications
  • Compliance reporting
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities

Permanent Wastewater Monitoring Stations

Real time data for your operations as well as consent compliance reporting. Parameters monitored can include:

  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Turbidity
  • COD
  • Flow
  • Nitrates
  • COD
  • TSS

Portable monitoring stations

Set up at multiple points for a complex survey. Difficult sites are our specialty - we can draw on many years of industrial wastewater experience to find a practical and workable solution.

Consent Applications

BPO can assist with Trade Waste consent applications along with managing the consent and monitoring. BPO can prepare comprehensive consent management plans designed to the specifications of your local council. This provides peace of mind to our clients knowing their trade waste system is fully compliant and up to date. 

Flow Measurement and Management

Whether you want to retrofit to an existing drainage system or set up a new flow measurement system, BPO can provide the full service.

The staff at BPO have over 20 years’ experience in open channel flow measurement and  they can help you pick the most appropriate flow device to suit your needs and the level measurement technology best suited to the application.

They will install it and integrate it into your information system.  BPO can even provide web access to the data if that is the best fit for your application

Pond Leak Testing

The BPO Pond Leakage Test (PLT) is a market leading and Regional Council recognized pond leakage testing method. Our qualified team will test your pond over a 48 hour period and collect data to provide you with a comprehensive report. Results are easy to understand and certified by a Chartered Professional Engineer. (CPEng).

The BPO PLT has been designed for:
  • Pre-purchase system audits
  • Dairy company requirements
  • Concrete, synthetic, clay or unlined ponds
  • Nutrient loss evaluation

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